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Zonerunner Fiction
An Introduction to the runner Zonefox in his adopted 'home' - the dreaded Scrap Brain.
Zonefox finally meets Nack the weasel face to face, and a surprise is in store for him..
A Soldier Badnik commander reports his unit's findings on the increasing Zonerunner threat.
Sonic finally meets Free Mobian visionary Talbot soon after Sonic's 'return' to a very different Mobius... this is set almost straight after STC #9.
Dee, Jools and Hope (before her betrayal) are on the move through the night when Jools discovers some very good news...
Dee and Jools experience conflict like never before during a badnik attack on an innocent civilian community.
A theory to how it all began... and the modern legend of Talbot, the infamous Mobian dreamer and radical visionary.
Freedom. Michael's first real 'Zonerunners' fic. A little intro to Skai the hedgehog, too.
Dashal Prower in his more innocent days...
Sonic The Hedgehog Fiction


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