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About the Runner's Hub

On 4th April 2001, Richard Morgan created a new website. Called "Zonefox's Scrap Brain Hideout", it concentrated on one particular story of the UK's Sonic The Hedgehog Comic (STC). The story in question followed Tails meeting 'Sab and the flock' and them showing him what a Zonerunner was, and why, in turn, he was one. 

Rich was so impressed by the concept of the Zonerunner, he decided his furry, Zonefox, should be one. After many fanfics, art, and even a few comics, University stopped Rich from updating the site anymore, and it fell into disrepair, and went offline. 

Five months later, Rich founded the Zonerunner Concept Yahoo Group. This consisted of several people interested in doing material about Zonerunners. It still exists today, with the hardcore Zonerunner fans chatting there.

I, Alex Donaldson, had become friends with Rich and interested in the Zonerunner Concept. Back in the day of the Scrap Brain Hideout, I had talked with Rich about making a game about Zonerunners, starring Alex and Zonefox. The game never got further than the planning stages, due to a time shortage between myself and Rich.

Soon after the group had restarted, I felt the idea itching at the back of my mind, and it began to bother me. This time I didn't hesitate and dived head first into the idea by spilling it out to Team Infinity, who became interested in the idea. 

Soon afterwards I founded RunnerSoft with Cinos Hedgean, to look over the making of the game. With a new era and new type of Zonerunner material, we decided there should be a new site, and Rich began work. Soon after, "The Runner's Hub" the bigger and better brother to the Scrap Brain Hideout appeared. 

What happens next, who knows?

About the RunnerSoft Team

As you have most likely read above, RunnerSoft came about due to Team Infinity (TISoft), and is actually a sub-division of the team, that is affiliated with only TISoft and The Runners Hub. The maintaining of the Runners hub site is by both members of TISoft and the Zonerunner Concept in general.

RunnerSoft has a bigger role than just to help with the upkeep of the site, however. RunnerSoft and TISoft are producing a game based off the Fanfics and other Material the Zonerunner Concept has built over the years. 

All of the RunnerSoft members are either involved in the Zonerunner Concept (the people from the Yahoo Group) or from TISoft.