The Sonic Foundation - One of the best sonic sites on the web!

The Yahoo! group that has acted as the base for everything Zonerunners for the last few months. Here you can find out more about the world of the Zonerunners, the characters, and the people who created them (you have to become a member of Yahoo! Groups to join, but don't worry, it's completely free of charge).

A Yahoo! Group for those who are interested primarily in the 'Sonic The Comic' (STC) Universe. Come in and have a natter about anything STC!

 Team Infinity - Come and see the past and present games of the people who are currently making ZZT.

Sonic Fan Games HQ - This is at the center of all Sonic related fangames! The best place to get your sprites, backgrounds, tutorials, and advice or just a good chat from the forums.

Had to give these guys a mention - they provided us with the webspace to put the Runners Hub on. Thanks alot guys! This site is also the hub for lots of fangame activity, with links to SFGHQ, MFGG (Mario Fan Games Galaxy), and other fangame sites for single Sonic Fangames, or for Megaman games and more.