Game Introduction Downloads, Screens


 The production of the Zonerunner game, Zonefox: Zone Travellers is now fully underway. The production, being created by TISoft and RunnerSoft is based off the basics the concept has created for it. Starring AP and Zonefox, the game follows them through many Zones.

Created in MMF, the game promises platforming action, mixed in with a style similar to a 2D scrolling fighter, as well as RPG sections.

The involving, complicated plot will be adapted to the game as best we can, with the tools we have. The characters span across a wide range, with several being availiable as secret playable characters.

The game also has a large fanfic accompanying it, along with several pieces of character art and scene art, which will all be found at this site, the center of Zonerunner activity. 

Here you can see screenshots, download demos, engine tests, and see the art and fanfics which the games plot and characters follow.

Game Info

Here you can find various information on the game. Most recent updated sections are Characters and Fiction.