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13 Nov 2004

Byeeeeee! See the front page if you missed out on this and SU3.

12 May 2004

In way of clarification: I am not dead.

27 Aug 2003

Happy August etc. End of the month? Ha. What with school being back on (which I am rather pleased about), I'm going to feel even less inclined to work on SU3. So, in answer to the eternal question: 42. Or, more specifically, whenever I can be bothered. And I doubt if I can muster the energy to implement any secrets, beyond perhaps a level selection feature.

26 Jul 2003

SU3's ending sequence is now completely finished. At last. Once I've rounded off the edges and stuck a few secrets in I'll send a beta off to some testers (whom I shall select!). Megachao won't be in that, of course. I'll get in touch with Magicgrafx again to see how things are going with the Garden end of things, and see what we'll do about release times.

20 Jul 2003

I've fixed a bug in the SU3 multiplayer beta that skips the chat screen. The file's only a little over 1.5 MB, so there's no patch; you'll have to re-download. There's also been a report of an unrelated bug, whose symptoms I can't reproduce, in which unzipping the file creates a whole load of recursive subdirectories that purport to consume sever hundred gigabytes of space. The only explanation I can think of is that the original zip was corrupted either when I uploaded it (although no-one else has complained), or when this particular user downloaded it. Can anyone shed any light on this?

16 Jul 2003

ARGH!! For the first time in the four years (or whatever) that I've been running this site, I've neglected to update for a whole month!!!!! So, happy June and July. On a very slightly happier note, I've released a beta of Sonic Ultra 3 multiplayer. You can download it from that page, or, if you're impatient, here. I will try to have SU3 completed by the time school starts again, but there's no way Megachao will be ready. I'll have to have a think about this. In the meantime, please report any bugs in the beta. Thanking you muchly. And another thing: if you're interested, I've opened up a new site — GS Development — which is dedicated to my non-SFG projects.

28 May 2003

Long time no update. Hmm. I've done nothing to SU3 in the last month, either. Oh well, not long until Summer, when I should sufficiently bored to start working on it again. :-) Incidentally, the SU3 Multiplayer beta isn't far away (I now have a LAN to test it on, so the beta will mainly be for lag testing and non-connectivity bugs).

03 May 2003

Happy May! Since the last update I have done... nothing. Hmm. I could blame the exams, but I'd be lying. :-) Anyway, I added Sonic Explosion Company to the Links page.

19 Apr 2003

The SU3 ending is now very nearly finished.

09 Apr 2003

Happy (belated) April! I've moved on to the ending sequence and credits of SU3. Check out the Games page for details, as usual.

29 Mar 2003

SU3 MP is now completely finished.

21 Mar 2003

I've done a little more to the SU3 MP frontend. It should be finished very soon. Expect a public beta within the next few months.

15 Mar 2003

I've reorganised the Games section slightly. There are now separate pages for current projects and completed games. Also, I've split up the Old News pages, to make browsing easier.

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