Sonic Frenzy Adventure for SAGE 2008

Welcome to the sonic Frenzy Adventure Booth for the Sonic Amateur Game Expo.
Completely NEW DEMO available
This new demo includes the following:
-4 never released NEW acts
-A total of 7 playable acts. -2 NEW Zones.
-Main menu and interface.
-Chao Minigame. *
-Every of the levels released in the older demos are playable.
-Most of them includes newer things.
-New Sonic Sprite.
-Port to Multimedia fusion 2 with new functions.
-Darkspeed has harder bosses.
-MP3 music.
-Chao race game. *
-Chao battle game. *
-Darkspeed Standing animation has changed. **
-SIZ has been enlarged.
-Unique path for ania in SIZ. ***
-Chao eggs hidden on every level.
-New art for characters.
-First Special stage playable through SIZ.

* Limited play on this demo.
** Just standing animation. Other frames are the old ones. just for showing.
*** Spect unique paths for every character in the game.

-Chao level is limited to 50 in this demo.
-Battles and races are limited to the first ones.
-Some levels are uncomplete. Lack of sprites or sudden changes in ground because it is not completed.Gameplay is unnaffected and the change is not shocking.
-Darkspeed standing animation is the only frame changed, and it could look weird.
-Some bugs left. Remember this is a demo and it is not completed.
-First special stage is excessively simple because it is the easiest one. Spect better special stages in future.


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