Here you can see what you can do with your character:

Make sonic to bite his tail
By pressing the jump button, you can make sonic to try to bite his tail. He obviously won't do it, but trying to touch him while doing that means to die

He is trying hard... Keep it up!

If you hold down, you can make sonic to suck his cock. If you hold and release rapidly, you will notice that he is liking it because he never says no. Doesn't work with other characters. No, ania cannot suck her cock.


No, not sitting, shitting. To do this you have to play as knuckles and hold down. And remember that the computer cannot reproduce smells, so you should stop reading this and go to the bathroom.

Everybody loves to watch animals shitting.

If sonic is sucking his cock, he will probably won't need any lubricant, but if you press jump, you will force him to use it. If sonic is using lubricant while sucking his cock, he will enjoy it at max and he will start rolling faster and faster. Misteriously, the lubricant will make him to slip and he won't move. But the instructions says that if you stop sucking your cock, the effect will dissapear, and the stupid sonic is going to go out rolling.
Oh, knuckles will need lubricant too while shitting. Do not wonder why.

Here you can notice how the lubricant make him to shine.

Reinventate the physichs laws
Each character has it's own way for getting the physich laws and put them behind his balls to do whathever they want. Doing this is easy, just do whathever you want with buttons 1 and 2...or do anything, i am sure you will break something.

Guess how many times i wrote physichs wrong.

This is for the player itself. When you find the right moment, you can masturbate while playing. It will give you a lot of pleasure making the gameplay experience much more interesting.

This is the right moment. Use the most erotic amy pic ever to have sexual fantasies.

By holding up and control you will make ania to show her underwear. Useful if used along the masturbation skill.

You have to move here to watch her underwear. Also, don't forget to look up.