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    We no longer accept public requests for hosting. Sorry.

    Fan Made Games HQ

    Welcome to the Fan Game Network (FGN)! This site is host to games created by fans of a particular line of games. Below, you will find a listing of game lines which these fan-made creations are organized by.

    Catagory Listing:


    After many years of neglected, this page has received an update, and a clean-up.

    As you might have guessed, just about every project hosted on this site has been discontinued. Original project owners were contacted, where possible. Projects that didn’t amount to much have been purged. Projects I felt were good were retained, unless they were requested to be purged by the project owner. Links to external sites have been updated or removed. Retained sites that were infested by the “” malware have been scribed clean.

    NOTE: As many of you may know, this site was home of “Blue Frenzy Software” and their excellent game “Sonic Frenzy Adventure”. Since the game has been discontinued, the project owner has requested that the site be deleted. If you are looking for a copy of this game, and can’t find a copy elsewhere, and REALLY want a copy, then contact me.

    Old News

    Sonic the Hedgehog Themed Games

    Blazefire Productions - Home to the following video game project: Sonic the Fated Hour, The Darkness, The Darkness 2 and Last Minute Shopping. He also offers art generation services to the public.

    Gregorsoft - Gregorsoft is home to the highly acclaimed "Sonic Ultra" series. He also has various files for those interested in creating their own games.

    Organized Chaos - Long time staff member Stealth gets a sub-domain to house his programming projects, including Sonic Matrix, a great Sonic the Hedgehog clone made by hand in C!

    Runners Hub, The - Home to Zonefox: Zone Travellers Sonic fangame. The site is also home to some great fan art.

    Sonic Fan Games HQ - This section lists all the known fan made games in the "Sonic Scene" and even provides some info for those thinking about developing their own fan game. Scrapped games, demos, DOOM add-ons, screen savers, and more are also avalible here.

    Sonic Team Jr/Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Sonic Team Jr.’s website is home to Sonic Robo Blast 2, which is a 3D Sonic game based on the DOOM engine.

    TK Games - An upcoming band of Fan Game creators, TK Gaming hope to bring more joy to the Sonic Fan Game CommunityDiscontinued. See notes above regarding "Sonic Frenzy Adventure".

    MegaMan Themed Games


    Other Themed Games