3/6/03: IDSA Letter
We have a lot of news to report this evening.

The day began with an email from the IDSA pointing out that the Mario Fan Games Galaxy has some illegal content. As a result, the site has been deleted and shutdown and the staff members have had their accounts removed.

TLSPRWR, the old head of this site, was later relieved of duty. It was his job to monitor FMGHQ sites so we donít have these types of situations and he failed to do just that. He has also been neglecting his other duties, such as forwarding informative emails from myself, updating site descriptions, even creating links to pages off the main page! With the IDSA hanging over my head, there could not have been a better time for him to go.

I later declared myself the new head of the FMGHQ site and worked to bring order back to this site. Tonight, I went through the entire site and removed many dead projects that had little or nothing to show for their efforts. I also deleted others at the request of the author. I later update the descriptions for most of the sites, and even added sites to the site listing that were not listed. Believe it or not, some sites had been hosted for over a year and still did not have a link to them off the main page! Finally created a FanMade Game HQ mailing list so they will be kept up to date on matters concerning EmulationZone.Org

The reason why I asked someone to run this site is to not only give me a hand, but to also handle the job of screening submissions for hosting. Playing judge can be a tedious task, and given the recent IDSA fiasco, I have decided that FMGHQ will no longer accept public requests for hosting. I will still honor requests to host people who are endorsed by a either a person on FMGHQ or a person who is a staff members at the ĎZone. I donít have time to baby sit sites, so I want to limit the people who are hosted to those whom I can trust and donít require monitoring.


8/20/02: Blazefire Productions
Blaze of Blazefire Productions has moved from 'ZRN to FMGHQ.


7/22/02: Back
I'm back, for those of you who can't tell. If you sent me something while I was gone, please send it again. I can't tell what I got while I was away or not, and if you want something done, you should send it again. Thank you.


7/7/02: Leaving
For the majority of the next two weeks I will be gone. If you send me an email, don't expect a reply for probably 5 days or more. I will try to update if I can, and if there IS anything to update. That is all...


6/24/02: Few minor changes
.:Ball Z:. is now known as "Dragons Fantasy" and will be up in a couple of weeks. Apoligies to TK Games, who was refered to as "Tew Kewl Games" on the site, it's fixed now.


6/18/02: Honestly!
I leave for a couple of days, and suddenly the whole site goes down! Really sorry about that all, it's fixed now, hopefully. 


6/8/02: back
I'm back. You may now email me and annoy me again. Also, changed the link to Sonic FanGames HQ to, its new address.


6/2/02: Few changes
PSoftware was moved to the 'other' gaming category, as they are now a SouthPark gaming site. Also, I will be gone from the 4th to the 9th or 10th, maybe longer. If you email me, chances are I won't respond during those days. Right, that should be all.


5/22/02: New Owner!
Right, I'm TLSPRWR and most of you should know me from SFGHQ. Mike has passed the ownership to me, due to his lack of time and inability to update. Please email Me for everything involving FGHQ. Thank you. 


9/09/01: TGF Team join FMGHQ
We welcome TGFTeam to FMGHQ! Check them out for information on the latest Sonic Fan Games from this new but impressive team 


9/09/01: Tragedy
As I'm sure your all aware, a tragedy has recently struck in America. I, like the rest of the world, sat by and watched in growing disbelief and shock as I watched the events unfold live. I'm sure I speak for all members of FMGHQ when I give my condolences and sympathies to those who we're or knew anyone affected by this unspeakable tragedy. I do hope this doesn't escalate into an even bigger tragedy. But I do sincerely hope that those who orchestrated this evil are brought to justice. 

9/01/01: New Design
New layout in place. Hope you like it! New to the site: Retro Sonic and Chu-Chu Rocket. The discontinued projects of Sonic 2000 and Combi SOnic have made a perminate home here as well.

8/10/01: Mixed News

Its been a rough few days as far as hosting goes. We say goodbye and good riddance to NFGC, who's owners immaturity and stupidity has meant that several of Manicteam's games are currently unavailable. This sort of behavior is NOT in any way tolerated on FGN. We also sadly say goodbye to the Chaopet site, which was discontinued by its owner.

In better news, we welcome Psoftware to the network. Give them a look for some information on some upcoming projects. Also, you may of noticed that the links section has vanished. I'm currently in the process of redoing the links into an affiliates section. If you want to affiliate with FGN then drop me a line ( and we can go from there.

8/01/01: Some bad news

Bad news people. I'm afraid VGSHQ and are no longer with us as a result of a lack of advertising banners. Please webmasters, make sure you have the banner up on your site. Please please please. Also some good news, we welcome the Sonic SXP team to FGN. SXP is a rather large Sonic fan game project and is well worth a looksee.