General Information

Everlasting Song is a platform-action sidescroller game. Everyone who likes to play games like zelda, metroid, castlevania or wonderboy are for sure going to like this.

This game has been designed using multimedia fusion 2 --Clickteam-- and it is on the very first beta release.

The game has artistic backgrounds and a simple interface, as well a very delicate choosen soundtrack to give the feeling that it is following the classic games feel, but using the new capabilities.

Now you can go to the download section and download the game while reading here how to play. It has a lot of features that you will miss if you don't read this carefuly.


The evil clown Balloo has converted the stars into the evil globos. For doing that, he used the power of the priestess Ayala, representant of the Cleanskin race.

The globos are attacking the Island where Bunnies live in peace, and the evil clown has established his base on the island's skies.

Frenzy, the big brother of Ayala, and his personal protector went to the island to find her sister and stop the Balloo's plans.


2D classic gameplay

Extra missions and quest available in the inn. NOT AVAILABLE ON THIS DEMO.

5 different elements with a total of 15 different spells.

32 different weapons, from simple daggers, swords and axes, to magic weapons with different effects.

16 different armours.

10 different shoes.

32 different rings.

a 10x10 map split in 9 zones

9 dungeons plus 5 optional secret dungeons

100+ enemies to be found.

3 Different potions.

Wisely chosen soundtrack.

Secret objects dropped by enemies under special conditions.

Challenging. This is not an easy game.

How to play: basics

The game plays with arroy keys. The default action keys are:

Button 1: "Z" key

Button 2: "X" key

Button 3: "C" key

Button 4 (menú): "ENTER" key

Those keys can be changed in the options menu. You can even use a joypad if you desite to do it.


Press button 1 for jumping. Hold it for longer to jump higher.

Press button 2 for attacking. While attacking you won't be able to move, so be careful.

Press button 3 for use magic. In the magic section it will explain how magic works.

Press button 4 for entering the menu.


Menu gameplay:

There are different sections in the menu. Press up and down to move between options and press button 1 to enter in that section.

Inside a section, press left or right to select the different options. Usually, when you change an option, for example, you select another weapon, it is automatically changed to that. It doesn't work on usable items, like potions. In the menu section, you can see what you can have in each section.

Main menu also works as pause.

Press button 4 again to exit the menu.



How to play: magic

There are 5 kind of magics: Fire, thunder, ice, acid and heal. You can earn a máximun of 5 units of each one. To see what magic you have, look at the icon in the top-right of the screen. Do not hestiate on using them. Also, remember that there are some enemies that can resist magic, or even, being inmune.

If you hold the button 3, your character will start to shine. Depending on when you release the button, you will have one of the 3 different effects:

-Simple effect:

-Multiple effect:

-Full effect.

To get the simple effect, you have to release the button before the energy bar is full. After doing that you will release a single magic power. It consumes 1 of the selected magic.

Fire: you will shot a fireball that can burn enemies.

in burnt status, most of the enemies will ahve a different behaviour, some will stop or some will run faster.

Thunder: strong ray that will hurt every enemy that touches.

Ice: small ice wind that can freeze enemies.

in frozen status, enemies won't be able to move.

Acid: static acid source that will last half a second, but it can make enemies to enter in acid status.

in acid status, enemies will lose gradually health until effect is done. But also, they will drop some acid drops that can acid every enemy that touches it. Acid status only works once on each enemy, after effect has passed, they cannot be acided again.

Heal: it will heal 1 heart (10 points) of your health points.


To get the multiple effect, you have to wait for energy bar to be full, and character starts having a strong flash, with the condition that you have less than 5 magics of the selected magic. It consumes every of your magic, but effect is stronger that the simple effect, so, remember to use the multiple effect when you only have 1 magic left, to have a better effect that using it a simple magic.

Fire: throws the number of magic fireballs plus 1 (to a máximun of 5 at magic =4) in the selected direction.

Thunder: creates as many rays as your number of magic of thunder plus one, in row, covering a bigger area.

Ice: creates as wind sources arround you as your magic number plus one. Also, the more number of wind sources you have, the longer they last and the larger area they cover.

Acid: The acid source lasts longer time. The more magics you have, the longer it lasts.

Heal: Heals the number of magics you have plus one hearts.


To get the full effect, you have to wait until energy bar is full while having 5 magics of the selected element. It consumes every magic.

Fire: creates a huge fireball that starts shooting small fireballs to every enemy in the sight.

Thunder: flash that hurts every enemy on the area.

Ice: ice rain that freezes enemies.

Acid: shots an acid ball that splashes if touch a wall hitting every enemy it touches.

Heal: heals full HP.


Status: show's the character status

Magic: here you can see and select the magic you want to use.

Weapon: it let's you to equip the weapon you want to use.

Armour: it let's you to equip the armour you want to use

Shoes: it let's you to equip the shoes you want to use.

Ring: it let's you to equip the ring you want to use.

Inventory: here you can see many details, like game items, keys, rainbow pearls and potions. Press button 2 to use a potion, key or whatever.

Enemies: not implemented yet. It shows the enemies information, stats, description and throwable objects.

Map: worldmap. look here what you have unlocked.

Options: change the sound, details or menu colours.

Savegame, shop, inn, healing...

Every of those options are in the village. Here you have two buildings available. The left one leads to the inn and the right one leads to the shop.


To save or rest, you have to go to the inn. it costs 100 coins to save your game, so be sure to keep some money. In the inn you can also rest, healing your full HP.

News is not available, but in a future it will help you to advance in the game saying interesting things that will give you an idea of what you have to do. Also, you can go to the adventurers guild and, for a little money, you can retrieve information about the enemies. It's quite useful for knowing what do they drop.


In the shop you can buy different things, from magics, potions, to armors and weapons. There is actually a limit of 999 coins so you cannot buy certain things, but in a future, you will be able to buy a bag for holding more coins.


Advanced gaming

Enemies have 2 different drops. The standard drop and the rare drop. To find the rare drop you have to kill him with an special attack. Those special attacks are hard to get, but they are really effective. A special attack deals triple damage and nullify the elemental resistance.

To make make a special attack you have to deal a specific damage when the enemy has a status condition:

Hurt enemy with ice when enemy is burnt.

Hurt enemy with thunder when enemy is frozen


Also, remember that the drop is not always 100%, although special drop has a larger success rate, but some of them are really hard to get, even with special drop.


Walkthrough- Can't you pass through some parts?

This walkthrough is a help for those people who is not able to continue. Strategies for combat enemies and a everything you need to get the best results possible.

Way to the village. Aren't you able to pass through there? READ what bunnies have to say.

Vay to the village miniboss:

This one could be hard if you go there without reading this guide, but if you did, you won't have any problem with the healing magics. Anyway, if the big globo still gives you problems, try this: remember the part where a fire magic appears when you talk with a bunny? when you destroy the block, remember to come back here to get another one. It will deal 4 damage to the boss. If you are smart enough, you will keep it until the boss starts shooting beams, so you can pass through the hardest part faster.

Also, there is a little chance for globos to drop the fireball magic. Break the block and pick the fire magic before killing them. If you are lucky enough, they will give you another fire magic. Having both magics, means to give away half of the boss health. Just be sure to aim well ;)

Village boss:

This one is easy if you have an acid magic. If you aim well, the acid status should give away 3/4 of his health.


jump slow over the springs so you stop bouncing. When done, jump as high as you can, hold down and never release jump button. That will make you to jump high enough to reach every place.

Coal Grotto miniboss:

Those bees are really annoying since trying to hurt the usually means to get damaged. Healing is enough to survive, but be sure to avoid the thunder attack! did you see how many damage was done to that armored globo? There are 2 things you can do to improve this battle:

1-Get the heart. There is a hidden heart arround the village. Get it before go out.

2-Get the green potion. There is one hidden in the last part of the forest. Get it and you will get a large range attack that will help you to not suicide when getting close to the boss.

Coal grotto:

This level is really hard. After beating the bees miniboss, you should get as many money as you can, and buy the plate armour, after returning back to the village. Also be sure to have at least 3 healing magics and the heart hidden in the village.If you want to spend your time searching for coins to buy axe, it is ok, but keep in mind that it is a slow weapon.

Now, let's start. With sword or axe, bat's shouldnt be aproblem if you don't approach to them. It's a very small space, but you can hurt them without them to detect you. Do you see this first button that changes the state of blue and red blocks? ok, avoid it and jump to find a healing magic. If you have 5 healing magics, heal one heart before picking the magic. Do you see this place? Do you remember it well? its better for you to do it.

Continue down for the opened path and go to left to enable red blocks. Continue left. Use the platforms to continue your way until you find a blue switch. Now you can enter through the blocked part under the platform, section. See that there are a lot of blocks here. Remember this place so well too. Continue, climb up with the platforms. There is a rock here and a spring. The spring leads you to a path that finishes at the start of the level. If you are affraid of this place i reccomend you to go there and remember so well how the level is. Alse, move the rock to the left and let it to break the web. Continue through the path. Now, you have 3 paths, one is blocked, The right one leads you to a hidden place. Again, if you are affraid of this level, it is better to go there and explore before the no returning point. Remember this place too well too. Be sure to don't stop or the orange globo will hurt you.

Continue left and move toward the upper zone, until you can open the blue wall. Return back to the right area and go through the before blocked path. Heal yourself using the statue and continue upwards. After you reach the top part, go to the right until some event happens. I hope you remember well your moves. This is a no return point. You can return back to the village if you want to save your game. The left path leads you to the return back path. Do you remember those places? well, after the return back path is completed, you will notice that you are on one of the places i told you to remember. Continue on until you find something different. Don't worry, it is very noticeable. Continue forward until a message appears. Now you can return back to to that different thing. If you noticed well, the spikes dissapeared. Do you remember where some spikes block your path? Go to the part where the first orange globo was, and go though theright path, not the blocked one. Follow it to the end, and you will reach a new opened area. go to the end and you will find a new weapon. Equip it and using it against the blocks that doesnt let you continue will do something. This is also a good time for returning back to village for saving. Now everything is up to you. There is anoher place where those blocks didn't let you pass. I am sure you know where they are. Go there and continue the unique path to reach the Coal Grotto Boss.